The blog posts of this page are fetched via WordPress and GraphQL.

There are three options as to where to write and manage blog posts when building a Gatsby website:

  1., which for now is my second favorite.
  2. Contenful, not my favorite. Interface is nice and easy to use, but maybe I am more used to the WordPress experience.
  3. WordPress as a headless CMS. Currently working with this version. My favorite.

Something I don’t like about Contenful is that links cannot use target=”_blank” and that is a must, in part to help SEO and it’s also a personal taste. I don’t like when you click on a link and it opens on the same tab.

Let’s try with WordPress.

This personal portfolio is alive thanks to Gatsby, Contentful, Netlify and Andrew Mead wonderful tutorial.

Published by Fernando Papaqui

Front end web developer working with Gatsby, JS, React, and WordPress. Mexico native.

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